Our Story

Be a 21st Century Disciple…

Over 2000 years ago Christ gave his disciples the Great Commission.  Today we are beneficiaries of inspiring stories from ordinary people who continue to carry the Good News from generation to generation.  What does that look like for us to be disciples in the 21st century…in a time where the culture is increasingly hostile to God and to Christians?  Ever ponder from which eye witness of Christ did you ultimately hear the gospel for the first time?  The reality is that the first Disciples heeded the call, will we?

What’s Our Role?

If you are like me, you’ve searched for your purpose & role in this epic story.  I sought to find ways to creatively share my faith like we are called to do.  But my frame of reference were the extremes… Christians living in isolation not sharing anything with the world… or “that guy” screaming in a megaphone on the street corner sharing too much with the world.  I didn’t think either were very effective, creative, or inspiring.

In the World, but not of the World…

I thought… how can I reach the culture… in a technology driven age where 140 characters have replaced true conversation.  First idea… what if I could produce Bible verses but depicted as hashtags, shorthand texts, or emoji…anything to reach the culture.  As I sketched famous verses like John 3:16 & Matthew 28:19, I was struggling for words to depict God & Jesus.  I first pursued Greek; the original language of the New Testament…recalling symbols from high school math.  In Revelation; the last book of the New Testament, God is called the beginning and the end…the Alpha and Omega.  There it was…two shorthand symbols to capture God…ΑΩ…When my first design looked more like a promotion for a fraternity, I turned to Hebrew; the original language of the Old Testament.  So I began a search to get to the core; the foundation of our faith.  And there I discovered a word…and not just a descriptor of God or any name like “god” or “lord”…which are shared with many, but God’s ACTUAL name.  His proper, personal name!  The most unique identifier of our God.  A name shared with no one…ever.  How come no one ever told me about this?!?!

How Can You Really Know Someone If You Don’t Even Know Their Name?

There are 4 Hebrew letters that refer to the personal name of God and represent his most frequent designation in Scripture.  These letters are referred to as the Tetragrammaton.  Google it.  It will blow you away.  Transliterated the letters in English are Y-H-W-H.  And what’s crazier is that original Hebrew contained no vowels so the exact pronunciation is unknown without hearing it.  But due to a fear of accidentally taking God’s name in vain, the Jews basically quit saying it out loud altogether.  Instead, when reading Scripture aloud, the Jews substituted the Tetragrammaton with the word Adonai (“Lord”).  Wow, such reverence for the name of God.  However, ironically, an unintended consequence was that the actual name was virtually scrubbed from Scripture despite God’s command to remember it for all generations (Exodus 3:15).  Today, God’s name has been replaced with the more common appearance you will recognize as “LORD”…which is not God’s actual name.  But when you see “LORD”, that is the Tetragrammaton from the original Hebrew text.

God’s Name Emblazoned for the World to See

So to respect tradition, but honor God’s name for all generations, we’ve emblazoned God’s actual name on all our apparel in a modern representation of the original Hebrew text read from right to left.  When you wear a Good News Tee and look in the mirror…two things will happen…first, you will see God’s actual name but in the way our eyes read English from left to right.  Like seeing the letters J-O-H-N as depicted in English versus the letters N-H-O-J as depicted in Hebrew.  And so your eyes will see the actual name of the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth quite possibly for the first time.  It’s a heavy moment if you dwell upon what you are seeing.  And second, the meaning of God’s name will be revealed, but don’t take my word for it…see for yourself…

Mark Ludwig; Christ Follower, Husband, Father, & Founder of God’s Name Is.
Amanda Ludwig; Christ Follower, Wife, Mother, & Advisor for God’s Name Is.

We hope you enjoy wearing God’s beautiful name and telling others about him. God Bless!