‘God’ is not God’s name.

That would be like referring to you as Human Being. It’s what you are but not who you are.  How can you really know someone if you don’t even know their name?  Exodus 3:14-15 inspired the Christian Lifestyle Brand seen here. Whenever you see the word LORD in all caps, it is the attempt to translate God’s proper name in English…The translation does not do God’s actual name very much justice considering this is the most unique identifier of our God!  Why has no one ever told you this amazing truth?  So now we honor God by sharing his personal name from the original Hebrew text when He first spoke it to Moses.

Be a 21st Century Disciple.

Proudly wear God’s name back into the culture.  By doing so, Christians globally give God glory.  Also, join us on social media.  Share the Gospel with Friends simply by Liking, Commenting, & Sharing our Posts.  By interacting with any ‘GodsNameIs’ Wall Post creates a News Feed story that your Friends can see…and then their friends and their friends…Imagine how we can share the Good News using social media technology…maybe the purest form of multiplication!